• Solution Selling in the New Virtual Environment

    Transform Your Sales and Outperform the Market

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  • Is your business ready to adapt to the new normal? This programme has been designed for professional salespeople that are developing their sales strategies to sell in the new normal business era. If you are looking for that extra edge and need to focus on sales growth then this is the programme for you.


    Learn how to hone your existing skills and find new techniques to develop personal and business change, growth and development. This course is particularly suited for businesses operating in premium B2B and those that need to learn to adapt their strategies post Covid-19.

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    6 weekly sessions



  • As a participant you will be able to:-

      • Manage your mindset and attitude
      • Prioritise your time and focus on high value tasks and strategy
      • Plan in 90 days sprints
      • Plan, create and deliver a dynamic sales pitch/presentation
      • Analyse your ideal customers and create a strong value proposition to attract them
      • Use the 80/20 rule to your advantage
      • Learn how to sell online to your customers
      • Close business fast and shorten the sales cycle
      • Identify and use sales channels
      • Develop and implement effective questioning techniques
      • Handle objections with confidence
      • Problem solve to enable agile growth
      • Grow your business rapidly upon completion

    • "Having worked with 100's of businesses in the last 4 months I wanted to offer companies an opportunity to up skill their whole team to help them rise to the sales challenges that are coming. Hope to see you on the programme soon."

      Rob Marr