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  • Masterclass in Selling

    3 Day Intensive Masterclass

    Day 1 - Expert


    Introduction to the attending companies & coach


    Issued with:

    1. Training Packs

    2. Agenda for the week and expectations

    3. Systems

    4. Complete the DISC Profile

    5. Analyse results as a group



    • You have the Market Intel and knowledge

    • You know more than they do

    • You can teach them


    The Presentation

    • Introduce EAT

      • Expert

      • Action

      • Tactics

    • How to create a world-class presentation or pitch

    • How to deliver a dynamic presentation

    • Learn how to engage and interact with the customer using the presentation

    • Incorporated all vital technical information into your own presentation

    • Learnt to handle objections

    Agenda - 9.00am - 6.00pm

    Day 2 - Action - Face to Face

    1. Solutions - 10X
    2. Pipeline - 10X
    3. Asking the right questions





    • Mastered the use of the sales tools

    • Introduce the customer journey tool

    • Know to engage and interact with the customers using your sales tools

    • Ask the right questions to understand their type of business and their level within it

    • Be able to handle objections confidently

    • Scripting your closes

    • Pre-empting the negatives





    Agenda - 9.00am - 6.00pm

    Day 3 - Tactics - Phone and Desk


    1. The 80/20 - profiling perfect customer
    2. Planning - The Rippl
    3. Customer & Product Mix - ATV


    Telesales & Appointment Making

    • Use the tone and pace of your voice to build rapport

    • To use the key statements that will ensure you get more appointments

    • To call with confidence

    • To maintain your attitude

    • To use your reps to support sales

    • To gather relevant information to help sell

    • To tailor your pitch



    Agree on a plan for the first 90 days in the role covering:

    1. Targets

    2. Customers

    3. Travel

    4. Focus

    5. Quick Wins

    6. Trade shows

    7. Reps



    Sign off on all training completed and complete Feedback

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