• I look forward to working with you and helping you grow

    your business

    Accountability calls
    Start up entrepreneurs who need that extra guidance and strategic planning.
    Receive my direct phone line and get unlimited communication with me via text & email.
    An accountability phone call every 2 weeks and access to my private Linkedin group.
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  • Advanced Memberships

    Strategic Meetings

    Monthly Membership

    On-site meetings at your business location. 1-1 discussion on all factors of your business and all opportunities for growth.

    Included is my direct phone line with unlimited communication via text and email and access to my private Linkedin group

    Strategic Partner

    Monthly Membership

    Weekly on site meetings, have me inside your business every week discussing KPI'S, hiring, marketing and co-delivery of business strategy.

    I will be hands on inside your business, helping you focus on the growth and scaling of the business and management of your team

    *One place left

  • Sales Programme

    May Sales Programme

    *Limited numbers

    This is a 3-day sales programme that focuses on all aspects of your business.

    It is in a small group of like mind people and is a tried and tested sales programme that guarantees results.


    In just 3 days you are going to pitch like a pro, sell confidently to your customers and get appointments and close business over the phone.

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