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    Brent Hope

    Head of Training, FIVE GUYS JV LIMITED formally Area Manager for KFC

    "Here's the thing; there are many people out there who understand the "theory" of coaching and selling. And that is fine. However, when you come across someone like Rob Marr, who is an incredible coach (and it is an art form), a great salesman (literally could sell anything to anyone, confidently) and not to mention a fantastic person, you naturally want to work with them.

    In 2015, I brought Rob to help transform my team in KFC and the impact he had on the development of both myself, my team and our results was nothing short of amazing. My area finished 2nd in the company for overall KPI's for the year, having finished almost last the year before.

    I would recommend everyone to experience the talent Rob Marr has and you WILL see results."

    Robert Goss

    Sales & Marketing Director - Solar Electric

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rob on a recent project. At Solar Electric we were investigating the €40 billion market for energy efficiency retrofit of Ireland’s housing stock. Rob Marr was provided as the mentor for a group in Carlow and Kilkenny and we were given instructions as to how best to pitch for EU Innovation Funding, in our case, to support diversification.

    Rob’s passion for his role is obvious from first contact. His open and honest character is a breath of fresh air. Whatever the outcome of their grant applications the group were in for an excellent few days of days of training support and self-criticism. When the chance comes to “pitch” again I now have strategies and tools to prepare. When we have a change project or something where Rob can add value I will certainly call him in to help at Solar Electric.

    Patrick McCormack

    Managing Director, Sam McCauley Pharmacy

    "Rob has made a major contribution to our company in terms of ‘how we do things around here’. The change in staff and management attitude has been fantastic. People come with solutions now not problems, teamwork has improved dramatically and it has certainly helped us to weather the storm of the recession better than many of our competitors."

    "Rob was direct, honest, positive and energetic in everything he did. His projects. in the retail industry also proved invaluable. Since the end of the training course, we all continue to 'ASPIRE' to improve our own personal performance and that of our company."

    Nichola Flood

    Training Manager, Lloyd's Pharmacy Ireland

    "Rob did a wonderful job with our Management teams and Support Colleagues through various management and team building programmes from 2010-2012. He strives to deliver motivational and practical training sessions for all involved. The training sessions got great positive feedback from our team members."


    Denise Hartley

    Human Resource Manager, Sam McCauley Pharmacy

    "The training with Rob Marr in Catalyst was universally well received by the group, both staff and management, who all felt it was one of the best and most relevant courses they had attended.

    The training Rob provided us with was a tailored service to the needs of our organisation. I look forward to continuing working with Rob on future projects."

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