• A few kind words from my clients...

    Brent Hope

    Head of Training, FIVE GUYS JV LIMITED formally Area Manager for KFC

    Here's the thing; there are many people out there who understand the "theory" of coaching and selling. And that is fine. However, when you come across someone like Rob Marr, who is an incredible coach (and it is an art form), a great salesman (literally could sell anything to anyone, confidently) and not to mention a fantastic person, you naturally want to work with them.

    In 2015, I brought Rob to help transform my team in KFC and the impact he had on the development of both myself, my team and our results was nothing short of amazing. My area finished 2nd in the company for overall KPI's for the year, having finished almost last the year before.

    I would recommend everyone to experience the talent Rob Marr has and you WILL see results.

    Willie McMahon

    Managing Director, Trefoil Controls Ltd

    Rob's 3 day Master class in sales was excellent. The material was relevant and explained extensively. Delivery was entertaining and informative. As always Rob got to the root of your issues around sales and how to address them. Thanks for the clarity. Onward!

    Robert Goss

    Sales & Marketing Director - Solar Electric

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rob on a recent project. At Solar Electric we were investigating the €40 billion market for energy efficiency retrofit of Ireland’s housing stock. Rob Marr was provided as the mentor for a group in Carlow and Kilkenny and we were given instructions as to how best to pitch for EU Innovation Funding, in our case, to support diversification.


    Rob’s passion for his role is obvious from first contact. His open and honest character is a breath of fresh air. Whatever the outcome of their grant applications the group were in for an excellent few days of days of training support and self-criticism. When the chance comes to “pitch” again I now have strategies and tools to prepare. When we have a change project or something where Rob can add value I will certainly call him in to help at Solar Electric.

    Patrick McCormack

    Managing Director, Sam McCauley Pharmacy

    Rob has made a major contribution to our company in terms of ‘how we do things around here’. The change in staff and management attitude has been fantastic. People come with solutions now not problems, teamwork has improved dramatically and it has certainly helped us to weather the storm of the recession better than many of our competitors.


    Rob was direct, honest, positive and energetic in everything he did. His projects. in the retail industry also proved invaluable. Since the end of the training course, we all continue to 'ASPIRE' to improve our own personal performance and that of our company.

    Nichola Flood

    Training Manager, Lloyd's Pharmacy Ireland

    Rob did a wonderful job with our Management teams and Support Colleagues through various management and team building programmes from 2010-2012.


    He strives to deliver motivational and practical training sessions for all involved. The training sessions got great positive feedback from our team members.


    Denise Hartley

    Human Resource Manager, Sam McCauley Pharmacy

    The training with Rob Marr was universally well received by the group, both staff and management, who all felt it was one of the best and most relevant courses they had attended.


    The training Rob provided us with was a tailored service to the needs of our organisation. I look forward to continuing working with Rob on future projects."

    Michael McElroy

    CEO, SalesPlus

    We have just completed an intensive 3 day Masterclass in Sales delivered by Rob. It has been the best investment of both time and money that SalesPlus has made to date. I believe that we will get a 10x return on this investment by the end of the year.


    More importantly, our clients will benefit dramatically from the sales tips and techniques that we have acquired through the masterclass. I would strongly recommend the programme to any business who want to raise their game in terms of sales and growing their business.

    Graham O'Rourke

    CEO, Aphix Software

    I attended Rob Marr's Sales Masterclass Programme just 2 weeks ago (April 2019) and I highly recommend it! Rob has such insight, experience and energy - if you need a sales team booster - book in now!

    Ciarán Leneghan

    Managing Director, FITAC Ltd.

    Rob's 3 day Sales Masterclass was a very worthwhile investment to our business. We learned a lot of very valuable techniques and strategies and have a lot more focus going forward.


    I would highly recommend his courses to anyone looking to increase their sales and drive their business forward

    Cormac McCann

    Operations Director, Activitour

    Incredible! Rob Marrs advice is practical, straight to the point and utilises tools and methods that really helped us get the very best out of our business and help get it on track to be really great.


    I would advise anyone who wants to take their business seriously! then get in touch with Rob, take his course, follow him online! brilliant!

    Eamon McElroy

    Managing Director, SalesPlus

    I attended Rob Marr's Three Day Sales Programme the first week of April 2019. This is a fantastic course and I am coming away now at the end with a renewed drive and focus on selling our services.


    Rob is a fantastic coach and we will certainly use him again. This Masterclass is very practical and would be very useful to anyone running their own business. This class has been invaluable to me and I expect that I can generate a huge amount of new business using the world class techniques that Rob has taught me.


    Absolutely recommended to anyone who is interested in driving their business on to the next level.

    Ashling Rochford

    General Manager, Keystone Business School

    I attended Rob’s 3 Day Sales Training Course & I could not recommend it enough for anybody at any level. I spent the 3 days working on my pitch, my communication techniques & by day 3 I was actively making outbound calls to my prospects using the material I have learned in the training.


    Rob’s training style is exceptional; he incorporates humor with learning & made me feel at ease from the outset. Rob pushed me in areas I struggled with & helped me realize it is only myself standing in my own way. While working 1 on 1 with me during the training, Rob tailored the material to suit my business & coached me to ask myself hard questions to achieve the best results.


    Thank you Rob – I absolutely loved the sales training course & I look forward to working with you again.

    Daire Lynam

    Director, Thomas International

    I've worked with Rob over the last few years on a variety of projects in different sectors. He's not afraid to challenge existing norms but always in the right manner and with a growth mindset.


    Rob uses psychometric tools alongside his own experience and intuition to provide the best solutions for clients. His style is engaging, passionate while remaining solution focused.

    Karl Cummins

    International Franchise Manager, Butlers Chocolates

    I would highly recommend Rob to anyone that wants to improve on their personal development and/or sales techniques. Rob had an immediate impact on my performance and I can't thank him enough. He gets the best out of everyone he works with, in groups & one to one's, and has a lot of fun doing it.


    Great guy and brilliant coach.

    Niall Fanning

    Regional Sales Manager - Europe, Butlers Chocolates

    I highly recommend anyone looking for ways to improve their own and their sales team performance, to get in contact with Rob. The time spent with Rob on a one to one basis and as a team was incredibly valuable.


    Rob was able to bring his expertise, energy and positivity, to work with us and devise really practical ,effective plans and introduce fresh ideas to get positive results. The consensus from the whole team was the time spent was highly valuable and enjoyable. I look forward to working with Rob again in the future.

    Debbie Hughes

    Head of Sales - X-On

    Rob and I worked together for several years as Business Development Managers, working with and guiding around 20 sales teams each across the UK estate.


    In fact he was my go to ’buddy’when I joined the company. I couldn’t have asked for a better person for that role and we became great colleagues and friends. Rob’s enthusiasm for sales and training/coaching is infectious and so is his zest for life.


    He also has an amazing work ethic and is an all round great guy. In short if you’re looking for a sales trainer/coach, Mr Marr is your man! Go for it - It will be fun filled and very rewarding!

    Yvonne Brady

    CEO, EVB Sports

    I have had the pleasure of working with Rob over the past 3 years. He has been an absolutely essential part of our success. He is an amazing support and helps keep our team focused on the important aspects of driving the business forward.


    Rob has this natural ability to cut through noise super fast and get down to strategic matters immediately. He understands the start up world and therefore is able to shed light on new ways of thinking when it comes to getting round the ever onslaught of obstacles that appear on a monthly basis.


    I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob for strategy planning be it in a start up or a well established firm. We are seeing results from the support and effort Rob puts into our organisation.

    Monica Plesescu

    Support Manager, Mr Price

    Rob helped me tremendously during a very confusing time in my career. I deeply valued the time we spent together. He helped shape my perspective and guided me to higher and more effective thinking.


    I still use the methods he taught me and I have been able to coach and mentor others who report to me and have issues with their leadership styles. I still speak fondly of him to this day.


    Rob provided the right balance of coaching, planning, goal setting, and follow up. He helped me personally in many ways and I would recommend him to any business at any time.

    Emily Kelly

    Consultant, Pharmacy, Health, Strategy, Business, Marketing

    I and my team all really enjoyed working with Rob. He is an excellent motivator. A direct, results orientated, fun, engaging and practical business coach. Rob is excellent at developing leadership and management skills and bringing out each individuals own strengths.

    Jessica Hill

    Sales Manager, Stablelab

    Rob is one of the most motivational trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Working with him involves a lot of intensive sessions, which he manages to keep extremely motivational and fun.


    I’ve been able to accomplish more with him in a few days or even hours, than what sometimes can take weeks with other trainers. Thank you Rob!!

    Hannah Wrixon

    CEO, Get The Shifts

    Rob is a positive and direct coach - he is enthusiastic, motivated and knows how to get results - Rob has helped me create a clear strategy and has always been available since to talk, plan and chat.I can highly recommend Rob if you need to move your business to the next level

    Ryan O'Donnell

    Regional Operations Manager, Centric Health

    Rob has a strong understanding of putting theory into practice in business. With a strong mix of operational management experience and management consulting, rob is ideally placed to support and advise on the continued growth and development of your business.

    Claire McMahon

    Operations Director, Trefoil Controls Ltd

    Thank you very sincerely for your help and support during the past year. Your involvement and assistance in our strategy and team training days has encouraged us to work on our business and our company has developed and grown as a result.


    We have all benefited so much from your honesty, professionalism and positive approach at all times. We look forward to working with you again in 2019 as we begin what is shaping up to be our best year to date.

    Oisin Barry

    Managing Director, Irish Fairy Door Company

    I can’t recommend Rob enough. His approach to business is unique and refreshing. I have known him years and would highly recommend him.

    Karen Devine

    Director, Whitelight Consulting

    Rob Marr brings immense energy, dynamism and skill to every client. We've worked with Rob on the Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur programme and feedback from participants at local and national level has consistently been fabulous.


    He coaches and mentors entrepreneurs in a way that pushes them out of their comfort zone and helps them deliver on their true potential. Rob's company tagline is "raise your game" ... and he truly is a man who delivers on that motto!

    Madeleine Lander

    National Inside Sales Manager, Stablelab US

    I've had the pleasure of working with Rob multiple times over the past couple of years and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a sales coach or consultant. He's the perfect mix of being direct and results driven while also being so pleasant and fun to be around.


    Rob has an amazing ability of being able to read a sales team and jump right in like he's been a part of the team from day one.


    Working with Rob you will learn so much about yourself, the way you sell and better strategies to tweak the things you do every day, and ultimately will walk away as a more confident and better version of you.

    Louisa Maher

    CEO, MOR Digital

    Rob is a pleasure to work with and very helpful with regard to staying focused!


    He's straight talking but fun! For me it was all about time management and improving productivity, nailing the to do list, all with the larger goals in mind. A key asset for a business manager or owner in my mind!

    Gillian Moore

    CEO, Fuschia Makeup

    Rob is an incredible motivator and was instrumental in helping me achieve my desired outcomes. I particularly like his straight talking,no nonsense approach. He offered a great insight and recommended some strategies that have worked really well. I highly recommend Rob.

    Mark Atterbury

    Regional Development Executive, Enterprise Ireland

    I worked with Rob when he delivered and presented a series of training programmes for Enterprise Ireland.


    Rob was very pleasant and professional to deal with but more critically was very well regarded by our clients that he trained and advised on our behalf. I would highly recommend Rob in both capacities.

    Philip Hawkins

    Audit Partner, HLB Ryan Accountants

    Highly recommend Rob, his sessions are enjoyable and very insightful. He cuts through the jargon and tailors the course to your specific needs and management style.


    His one on one and group sessions really helped change our office culture and how the SMT interact with each other as well as with clients and staff.

    Lisa Heeney

    CEO, Aromabuff

    I have asked Rob for his advice and business expertise on a number of occasions and he has always been able to provide such great input, including ideas and strategies for change, and how to move my business forward, that I would never have thought of myself.


    Rob has a great ability to see something from a different point of view and has definitely shaken me out of my comfort zone. I love Rob"s straight-talking and direct manner and would definitely recommend him for helping to gain a new perspective on your business.

    Jeanette Everson

    Writer, Teacher, Ceramicist

    Rob was of enormous help to me when I was building my ceramics business. Always pushing me beyond my comfort zone, and giving me encouragement to work harder and expand my horizons, he became a friend as well as a mentor and I absolutely recommend his services to any business in need of a push forward.


    Most memorable words of wisdom from Rob to me include: 'If you're comfortable, you're not working hard enough' and 'get a dog'. Both proved useful advice. Thanks Rob :)

    Anthony Woods

    CEO, Keystone Insurance

    Very smart results focused coach, highly recommended

    Emma Pillion

    CEO, Emma Pillion Planning

    Rob Marr comes highly recommended . . . I've attended two of his mentoring and businesses courses and I have to say, nothing else I've done comes close to his course, delivery and content.


    Better still, my business has increased 300% on what it was before attending the courses and I'm busier than I could've ever imagined . . . the dilemma is not whether you should engage Rob, but how soon can you get him on board!

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