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The Morning Miracle

I was reading (Listening as I use audible for my books) to a book called Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. Interestingly enough I got a sense of validation from it for something I had already begun to do.

That thing was simply getting up earlier.

I know it makes perfect sense that if you’re going to get up earlier you’re going to find more hours in the day to do things, but what it did for me was give me time for myself rather than for my business.

During the end of last year, I was in a position where I felt I wasn’t moving forward in my business and in my own personal development and I saw my happiness and health decline as a result of that.

I had a lot of encouragement to do something about it and eventually I rather dramatically (I thought!) visited the doctor to get some general advice about why I wasn’t feeling the best about my health and my focus and he told me something that jolted at me. He said “I am not worried about where you are at the moment, but I am worried about where you are going”

Immediately I recalled a doctor a couple of years ago saying the same thing when I began my journey to stop smoking.

He also said “you can’t give what you haven’t got”. His point was I spend so much time thinking about everyone and everything else and I didn’t spend any time looking after myself.

A simple example I could give which seems quite minor (but meant a lot) is in the morning I tend to make breakfast for everyone, which is something I genuinely love to do as it lets me get a good start to the day and see the girls before we go to work and school.

Strangely enough, I found myself getting everything together, cooking up a healthy breakfast and serving it, but not having any for myself…. Which results in me having poor decisions at lunch or possibly overeating at lunch. The objectivity of a stranger saying I'm not looking after myself really stood out to me (annoyingly for my family!)

I realized I couldn’t really change my day, because I sell my time and if I was to begin to start rearranging my day there would be an impact on my finances, so I asked where is the extra time coming from?

I've always woken up early but I found that the time I spent in the morning would be spent worrying and thinking about the business in bed.

I decided to get up earlier and the results have been amazing.

I'm finding now in the morning I have time for myself whether it would be mindfulness or meditation, I’m very lucky I live beside the sea so everyday I get the dog down to the beach at 6:45 and spend an hour walking on the beach.

There have been very few things I've done in my life that I can honestly say that I feel have been transformational, but this waking up in the morning and carving out the time for me truly has been transformational. I feel great, my focus is better, I'm more clear minded, my mood is better.

Just by giving those 1-2 hours in the morning to myself and saying I deserve this time just for me.

There's sometimes I won't get up at 5 or sometimes I won't get up at 6 but I've created the attitude of “Why wouldn't I get up”?

On that point I have set an alarm on my phone that says “You would be up if it was for a client”. It’s so true, if somebody was paying me to get a flight or to drive to Cork or Belfast I would be up by now.

So why is it okay for me to be giving that time and energy to my client but not to myself.

On that note, I encourage you to get up earlier in the morning and also go and get the book The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod.

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