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    2019年6月27日 · sales,leadership,marketing,business
    1. To busy to steer One of the main things I find a challenge is the balance between doing what I know I should be doing and doing the work. If you have become trapped in a loop of bad business or bad customers (however you define that) it is very hard to free the time to grow your business if...
    2019年6月27日 · sales
    1. Your job has changed - have you? Selling is not the same anymore - If you are out there selling for your business or your boss you know this. The days of rocking up, taking an order and the scheduling a meeting in 4 weeks time to ‘Rewind Repeat’ are gone. If those days haven’t gone in your...
    I was reading (Listening as I use audible for my books) to a book called Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. Interestingly enough I got a sense of validation from it for something I had already begun to do. That thing was simply getting up earlier. I know it makes perfect sense that if you’re going...
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